ÓE Sword Order VISE 

The goal of this student circle is to make it accessible to as many people who would want to fence; the HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) involves a variety of martial arts-related sports. With this, we promote and enable an active sports life for the students. 

We train using a modern teaching technique based on historical styles and theory, while we support our students’ growth while they learn and compete. The club’s activities include training performances, team-building skills, fencing camps, competition organization, assistance, and refereeing. 

Leader of this student community: Réka Csizmadia



NIK-Board is an offline operating student circle, their goal is to build a community and let the students blow off some steam by playing board games. The time and place of these parties at the university vary, however, the activities will be held on campus and during classes (or breaks), so it should be easy to plan your day to attend a meeting. What we play with is solely dependent on the members, you can either join others or you are welcome to bring your own games if you are comfortable sharing with others. 

Due to classes, we have limited time, so we will arrange all-nighter parties where we can inaugurate more serious, more time-consuming games as well. 

If you wish to get notified of the events, I encourage you to join our discord server, which you can join on the following link: Discord invite

We will organize the meetings on this platform, where you can freely comment. 

We welcome everybody in our circles, join us today! 

Leader of this student community: Márton Török 

PxL Student Community

The goal of the PxL student circle is to offer an opportunity for students, where they can develop their creativity in media. These goals also include working on the graphic appearances, videos, and images for faculty and HÖK organized events. We also are planning on holding photography trips where we hold friendly competitions. 

Join to the PxL Student Community! 
Leader of this student community: Balázs Novák


Cozy Capybara Games – Game Developer Student Community 

During our meetings, we’ll learn how games are made and how to make our own games. We welcome everyone with open arms, regardless of programming and game-making skills anyone can join our selection of projects and regular supplementary Discord lessons.

During sessions, we will talk about *Game Design*, we will get acquainted with the concept of turning our ideas into entertaining gameplay, we also learn about the most technical details of game development, i.e. 2D and 3D graphics, modeling, GUI, and system planning.

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Leader of this student community: Roland Varga

NIK Football Club

Our goal is for NIK students who did not get into the university’s team, who would just like to casually play while not being limited to a team, or who enjoy playing football in their free time, to have an opportunity to practice their football skills. 

Leader of this student community: Zöld Anna Alma



KINFO is mainly ÓE Neumann faculty’s community where team-building exercises are provided to help students become one fellowship. The team welcomes anyone, regardless of which faculty, or which university they attend (or don’t attend)! 

Our goal is to always participate in the given year’s KIN championship, however taking part in the events throughout the year is not a prerequisite of the championship, nonetheless, feel free to participate as much as you would like! 

The team is only as active as its members are, so if you would like to brighten the atmosphere, you should consider joining! We believe in unity amongst all participants! 

Be a member of KINFO today! 
Leader of this student community: Fruzsina Tóth

College Guidebook

AThe purpose of this circle is to help freshmen fit in more easily, make digital notes and upload them to the website , and hold personalized and group supplementary classes. It is also our goal to support students who need spiritual, and mental help. Problem-solving and easing the burden of college are our primary objectives. 

College Guidebook
Leader of this student community: Richárd Tóth


Volleyball Club

The volleyball club’s goal is to practice on a weekly basis, we practice at an intermediate skill level and have a focus on group development. Later on, we will schedule matches. 

Volleybal Club

Óbuda University Wind Band 

The circle’s goal is to gather brass instrument players from the university who would gladly perform with the Brass Band.
We meet once a week for practice, later we would like to partake in university events (i.e. Tankard and Ring inauguration, Analog Days, etc).
If you have confidence in your experience with these instruments and this circle has piqued your interest then you can join us at the link below. 

Here you can join us!
Leader of this student community: Kristóf Bilics


D&D Storywriter and Roleplaying Student Community

The aim of the DnD circle is to have a place for students to test out their creativity in a calm and friendly environment.
During sessions, the members can test their poetic potential and write backstories. They can also tap into their most imaginative dreams through their characters.
Did you find this description interesting, perhaps you are interested in the game, or maybe we just sparked your interest?
We can entertain you more if you click the link below. 

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Leader of this student community: Gábor Csizmadia and Attila Kósa

Analogue Photography Student Community (AFK)

We are a group of film photography enthusiasts, but welcome anyone passionate about capturing images, whether with a digital camera, a smartphone, or just has an interest in the subject.

If the idea has caught your interest and you would like to join us, then wait no more! Click on the link below to become a member of our community on Discord and start sharing your love for photography with us!

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Leader of this student community: Zsolt Csapi


NIK3D PrintLab

Do you have an incredibly good project idea, but you’re having trouble implementing it? 

The best answer to this can be given by the NIK3D PrintLab Student Community where enthusiastic students work together who, through 3D modeling, through printing, create in physical size what you have dreamed of.

What are you waiting for? Join our Discord server and get in touch with one of us!

Leader of this student community: Péter Keserű

Soldering Student Community

The Soldering Students Community’s activity mainly consists of assembly, design and service of hardware-oriented electric circuits. Get acquinted with the nooks and crannies of soldering, design PCBs and make your visions come alive!

The sessions are held on a weekly basis, you can join them any time without any registration. We will have small projects for each session, however if you happen to have a project of your own, we are more than happy to lend a hand.

Our Student Community Welcomes any and every Student!

For more information Join to our Discord!
Leader of this student community: Szabolcs Kender